62 year old man exposes his genitals

In mid September of 2016, the St. Thomas Police received two separate complaints regarding indecent acts that occurred at two separate retail outlets. In both instances the suspect followed persons under the age of 16 years old through the aisles of the store and exposed his genitals to them.

The St. Thomas Police Service – Criminal Investigations Branch has been actively investigating this incident and has made an arrest. 62-year old, John Bayer of London, faces two counts of indecent exposure to a person under 16yrs of age. He has been remanded into custody and returns for court on Friday October 18, 2016.

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  1. Valerie Cooper

    Was he trying to scare kids into never having sex? Cover up dude, no one wants to see that coming at them! Lol

  2. Esther Hansford

    I’m glad they got him… one less predator on the streets for now

  3. Heather Taverner-Kydd

    He’s creepy to begin with, sick mofo