Alcohol was a factor in Domestic Assault

A 33-year old St. Thomas man was arrested yesterday after assaulting his partner with a beer bottle. The argument started around 7:30pm on December 1, 2016 at a Hinks Street address between the accused and his 30-year old female partner from St. Thomas. While consuming alcohol with friends, the two began arguing about relationship issues that quickly escalated. The victim was struck in the head with a beer bottle and then had her face smashed off of a coffee table.

Her injuries were minor and she refused to seek medical treatment. The accused has been charged with assault and assault with a weapon. He was held pending a bail hearing.

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  1. Valerie Cooper

    Surprise! Surprise! Alcohol and domestic assault…

  2. WOW.This guy is a pure gentleman,definately the kind you would want to spend an eternity with.I don’t know who this woman is but I’m only going to say this once.GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP.Oh and anyone who would sit there and watch this take place are definately great friends.Get some HELP pal.

  3. Lindsey Wissink

    That’s disgusting, whether alcohol was involved or not he bottled his girlfriend and smashed her head off a table!!

  4. if it wasnt for those friends he wouldnt have got charged thankyou very much dave allen!!!!