Alert citizens assist police in capture

Early evening hours on 9 June an officer on general patrol alertly observed a lone male operating a motor vehicle on Inkerman Street with no front plate and when he went to conduct a traffic stop the vehicle sped off from the officer. Police located the vehicle a short time later parked on a city street a few kilometres away from where it was last observed. An area resident notified police of a suspicious vehicle parked on their street. Police attended and realized it was the same motor vehicle that had sped off earlier. The vehicle had been reported stolen and police seized the vehicle for expert examination. A short time later an area resident contacted police again to report an unknown male on their street in area where the stolen vehicle was. Police arrived and located this male thanks to the area citizens and arrested him for possession of stolen property. The 22 yr old London man was charged with several Criminal code offences and held for court pending a bail hearing.

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