Amendments made to the HTA as a result of Bill31

As a result of the passing of Bill31, amendments have been made to the Making Ontario Roads Safer Act in relation to pedestrian crossovers and school crossings.

Effective January 1, 2016, motorists are required to stop and yield the entire roadway at pedestrian crossovers and school crossings only. This means that even though the people/students/guards are no longer in your lane, you must wait until they are completely off the roadway before proceeding or face a fine of $150.00.

A pedestrian crossover is marked with pavement markings, overhead lights and signs. An example of one in our community would be the crossover in front of Pinafore Park. This is not the same as a crosswalk at a signalized intersection.

A school crossing is described as any crossing that a crossing guard is present.

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