Assaulting a Police Officer

At approximately 7:42pm, on June 22,2016, an Officer responded to a Hammond Street address in regards to an out of control man. Upon arrival the Officer observed the male pick up a cement bench and throw it at the residence. The male then ripped off a 20′ metal pole from the residence and struck the Officer with it. The male then charged the Officer, a struggle ensued and the male was able to disarm the Officer of his taser and then fire it at him, missing.

The Officer was able to regain control of the Taser and the male. The 22-year old man from St. Thomas was arrested and charged with Mischief under $5000, Assault a Police Officer, and Disarm a Police Officer. He was held pending a bail hearing.

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  1. Valerie Cooper

    I believe if children were raised to respect their elders and authority stuff like this wouldn’t be happening as much. When they took the strap out of school and the parents ability to spank their kids, they took the fear and respect with it. When I went to school kids rarely told teachers to F off because they feared getting the strap and the call home to their parents, nowadays it is almost a daily occurrence because they get a suspension and get to go home and play video games….then we end up with disrespectful little punks like this…Thank goodness there are some parents out there that are still raising respectful kids, hats off to those parents.

  2. Cara Lindsey

    Carrie Waechter oh boy.

  3. David Giesbrecht

    To funny this guy’s my hero

  4. Anita McCormick

    Wow. Had no clue this was going on.

  5. Shawn Holroyd

    Oh boy another day in St. T lol