Break, Enter and Robbery

A Break & Enter and Robbery occurred on July 31, 2016 at a South end residence.

Shortly after 1:15pm a male entered the residence through the unlocked front door while people were inside. The male began searching rooms within the residence. One of the females inside confronted the male at which point he located a bag of prescription medication and pushed her to the floor as she tried to stop him.

The male fled down the street to an awaiting vehicle where another male and female driver were waiting.

As a result of the investigation three people have now all been arrested and charged.

*23-year old, Ryan HILLIER (St Thomas) is charged with Breach of Recognizance, Break and Enter and commit, and Robbery

*41-year old Jason DANIEL (London) is charged with Robbery

*31-year old Lisa RICKWOOD (St Thomas) is charged with Robbery

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  1. Cindy Leeann Kelly

    Wish people would grow up get a job

  2. Holy shit it’s so sad