Brother charged after assaulting sister over sorting socks

A 26 year old male was arrested and charged with assault and uttering a death threat after an argument with his 21 year old sister about sorting socks. The female did not suffer any injuries. The male was later released with conditions with a future court date.

Male charged with assault

A 39 year old male was arrested on Friday evening after a disturbance with his 47 year old female partner while returning to their apartment complex in the North end of the City. The two began arguing over keys to the building. The male proceeded to push the female up against the wall and bit her on the nose. The victim was pushed outside the building where the assault continued. A friend of the victim attempted to assist her when the accused made a motion as if he was going to strike her. The male had slammed the patio door on the accused’s hand while attempting to enter her own apartment. The male was charged with 2 Counts of assault, 1 count of assault with a weapon and 1 count of breach of probation. No injuries to note. He was held pending a bail hearing.



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