Cab Driver Assaulted

On 18 October 2014 at 0007hrs, the St. Thomas Police responded to an assault complaint by a local cab driver. The investigation revealed that the cab driver picked up a female fare in the downtown core only minutes prior. While enroute to the address believed to be the requested destination, the female began to assault the cab driver. The cab driver pulled over immediately and called for the assistance of police. Upon arrival, police observed a highly intoxicated 38 year old female to be seated in the cab still. She was arrested for the assault. Further search of the female subsequent to the arrest revealed a small quantity of marijuana. As a result, the female was transported to STPS HQ and processed for both the assault offence and the possession of a controlled substance offence. The cab driver sustained minor injuries in this matter. The female was later released with a future court date.

Busted for Break and Enter

On 18 October 2014 at 0525hrs, the St. Thomas Police responded to a break and enter in progress complaint. The business property in question was located on Talbot Street in the downtown core. An witness was alerted to the sound of breaking glass on Talbot Street. The witness observed a male to be breaking the glass windows of the property and begin stealing property from within the business. Upon police arrival, the male was observed actively committing the offence and was apprehended after a short foot chase. The male actively resisted officers during the initial arrest attempt. The 27 year old male was eventually taken into custody. Subsequent to the arrest, a small quantity of marijuana was located on the male. As a result, the male was transported to STPS HQ and processed on the break/enter and commit offence, the resist arrest offence and the possession of a controlled substance offence. The male was held for a morning court appearance.

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  1. Tony Bendel

    No Darlene it wasnt me. I dont know which cab company this was but I will find out tonight. I dont work Friday’s and Sats anymore. Way to many idiots out there now. I got tired of fighting with all the looser drunks.

  2. Darlene Burke

    good thing i walk lol no cabing for me until i move but who know when that will b glad it wasnt u

  3. Geri Claridge

    good thing they had that raid a few days ago – Maryjane is sure causing some problems for the local police