Caught Stealing

A 37-year old St. Thomas man thought stuffing a wireless speaker down his pants was a good idea?

Shortly before 4:00pm on September 6, 2016, the male entered one of our local department stores and proceeded to remove a wireless speaker from the electronics department and tried to conceal it down the front of his pants. He then exited the store without paying for it where he was met by store security. The Security Officer placed the male under arrest for the theft, however the male pulled away and took off in a vehicle.

Officers responding to the call spotted the vehicle and made a traffic stop on the Highway #3 By-pass and placed the male under arrest for the theft and escape lawful custody. He was released with conditions and a future court date.

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  1. JJ McCarthy

    37 might be time to start behaving like an adult.

  2. Danielle JM

    Pathetic and most likely stole to sell for drugs. Here’s a tip, get off the junk, get some counseling and become a productive member of society. Then use that hard earned money to pay for the things you want. Mind blowing stuff huh?

  3. Fiona Darrah

    I’m sorry but this made me lol!- yes at 37 wise up!!-