Citizen’s intuition results in prohibited ammunition off the streets

A concerned resident notified Police of a suspicious looking male that had been sitting in a vehicle for an extended amount of time on her street. When Officers arrived, the male exited the car and began speaking with the officers and appeared very nervous. A check on the vehicle revealed the plates were actually unattached and the sticker didn’t match the return from the Ministry of Transport. The male provided a name that did not match the information that he originally provided.

He was placed under arrest for obstructing police. Both he and the vehicle were searched as part of the investigation. Almost 90 .38 caliber bullets were located, five of which were in his pocket, along with two homemade nunchucks, a knife, a saw blade, and a large magnet with sharp fragments attached to it.

At the completion of the investigation, the 34-year old man from Windsor faces charges of possession of prohibited ammunition X2, breach of probation and obstruct police. He was held in custody pending a bail hearing.

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