How close is too close?

On January 20, 2015, around 9:50pm, two motor vehicles were travelling West on Talbot Street in the area of Pearl Street. The lead vehicle stopped for the pedestrian waiting to cross Talbot Street. The second vehicle rear ended the first one.

As a result, a 16 year old St. Thomas man has been charged with following too closely. This carries a fine of $110.00 and 4 demerit points.

Drivers should always leave enough distance between vehicles that should the vehicle in front of you suddenly slam on the brakes for reasons you may not see.

As the MTO Driver’s Handbook states: “Always keep at least a two- to three-second distance behind the vehicle in front of you. If another vehicle follows too closely behind you, give yourself even more room in front or change lanes. Try to keep a space on both sides of your vehicle, and try not to drive in the blind spots of other vehicles. Avoid driving behind large vehicles. Because of their size, they block your view of traffic more than other vehicles.”

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