Crime of Opportunity

Sometime between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM on August 26th, 2015, a customer at a local restaurant was at a table and had taken his credit card out of his wallet and set it on the table beside him. The customer went outside for a minute, leaving his credit card on the table. While the customer was outside, an unknown person stole the credit card and managed to use it to purchase airline tickets before it could be cancelled.

Police are continuing the investigation in to the theft.

The St. Thomas Police would like to remind everyone to be extra vigilant with all their personal property as it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to commit a theft if the opportunity is there. Eliminate that opportunity by securing your personal belongings.

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  1. Michaela Sandering

    Wow, brainiac and thief, never a good combination ;)

  2. Valerie Cooper

    The funny thing is they need picture is to get on a plane, so it should be easy to bust them! Not really that smart.

  3. Suzanne D Walton

    they could be caught at airport if you contact the airline

  4. Lisa Ann Pinnock

    Duh they need a name to book tickets easy catch brainiacs I had a customer who’s credit card was stolen and the thief donated $500 to charity

  5. Michaela Sandering

    Wow, a community minded thief, that is almost funny.