Cyclist injured

On Monday September 10, 2012 St Thomas Police attended the area of Fairview Avenue and Southgate Parkway regarding a motor vehicle collision. Police say at about 7:45PM a motorist turning onto Southgate Parkway from Fairview Avenue failed to yield to a Northbound cyclist causing the cyclist to strike the front fender of the vehicle and become airborne. The 56 year old cyclist was transported to St Thomas Elgin General Hospital by ambulance where he was admitted for an extensive leg injury. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Youth arrested for outstanding warrant

Shortly after 1:00PM Monday September 10, 2012 St Thomas Police arrested a 17 year old youth on an outstanding warrant for failing to attend court. The youth was later released on conditions that included a future court date.

Anti Distracted Driving Campaign Launched

Commencing today and continuing over the course of the next few weeks St Thomas Police will be taking a “no tolerance approach to drivers that disobey the law by talking and texting on cellular telephones, or engaging in any other activity or inattentiveness that affects their driving. “We want everyone in St Thomas to get where they’re going safely so we’re encouraging drivers to make the smart choice. In 2011 7500 traffic collisions resulted from some form of distracted driving, resulting in 56 deaths and over 1000 injuries. Drivers found disobeying the law could face fines ranging between $155.00 to $2000.00, a licence suspension or six months in jail.

Remember! Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel

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