Domestic Assault

St. Thomas Police were called to a Talbot Street address due to reports of a disturbance with a weapon being seen at approximately 1:20pm on Thursday October 13, 2016. Upon Officers arrival it was learned that the 40-year old male from St. Thomas had broken up with his wife the day before and was upset about the situation. He confronted her with a knife and lunged at her and her new companion. Thankfully no one was stabbed during the incident.

As a result of the information collected at the scene and an interview later in the day, the male faces the following charges; Assault with a weapon X2, Assault, Weapons Dangerous, and Sexual Assault. He was held in custody pending a bail hearing.

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  1. Timothy Hedden

    Well…that’s one way to win her back

  2. Sue Myers

    Yes, when all else fails, women are generally charmed into submission by fear and intimidation…….