Domestic Related Mischief

In early September, a 25 year-old male and 20 year-old female had become involved in an argument over the lack of trust within the relationship.

The male became so upset he punched a picture on the wall causing it to break and put a hole in the wall. He also threw a beer bottle causing another hole in the wall and punched a closet door causing the wood to crack.

As a result of the investigation a warrant will be issued for the male for the offence of mischief under $5000.00 and breach of probation. Due to the relationship of the victim and accused, the name will not be released to protect the identity of the victim.

Upon providing a statement to police it was discovered that the victim was wanted on an outstanding warrant herself from Oxford County O.P.P., for failing to comply with probation and failing to attend in Court. She was arrested and turned over to Oxford O.P.P. to execute the warrant.

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