Drinking and driving

St. Thomas Police Officers set up a R.I.D.E. program in the area of Hemlock St. and Elmina St. in attempts to locate, stop and arrest those that chose to consume alcohol and they get behind the wheel. At approximately 10:25pm Officers stopped a vehicle operated by a 48-year old female from St. Thomas and asked her to provide a sample of her breath into the road side device because the officer could smell the odour of alcohol coming from inside. The device registered a fail and she was transported to the station where she provide another sample where it registered twice the legal limit.

She face one count of operate motor vehicle with more than 80mgs and was later released with a future court date. Her vehicle was towed from the scene and she was served with an automatic 90 day driver’s licence suspension.

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  1. Tony Bendel

    Another low life bites the dust.

  2. Michaela Sandering

    So, she looses her license —– she’ll just drive without it :(