Female Charged in Domestic

In the early morning hours of March 11, 2013 a 31 year old St. Thomas Woman was arrested after a lengthy confrontation with her partner. The victim, a 30 year old male was assaulted throughout the course of the previous afternoon. Both had been consuming alcohol and the altercation became physical, some of which took place in front of their 7 year old daughter. The accused was charged with assault and assault with a weapon. Family and children Services were contacted for the safety of the child. There were no serious injuries during this incident.

Lock your vehicles

Over the weekend three vehicles were gone through during the night. Personal information along with valuables were taken. During patrols Police observed two youths fleeing the area of Hickory Lane just before 1:00am. A resident in the area observed the youths looking through vehicle windows.

Police are reminding residents to keep your vehicles locked and not to keep your valuables inside. Over the next couple of weeks Police will be at local department stores within the city educating residents by way of the “Lock it or Lose it” initiative.


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