Female server assaulted trying to prevent a crime

A female server at a local establishment in the South East end of town was assaulted just before 5:00pm on Aug 15, 2013 while refusing service to a male patron and trying to prevent him from driving. The male left before Police arrived and was involved in a motor vehicle collision a short time later. He fled the scene of the accident continuing to his residence and was followed by witnesses. Police arrived and located the male pretending to be passed out on the garage floor.

43 year old, William Counsell, was arrested and charged with assault, Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle, drive more than 80mgs of alcohol and fail to remain. He was eventually released with conditions and an automatic 90 day drivers licence suspension. The server was not injured during the assault nor was the other driver in the collision.

Officer assaulted during a disturbance

A St. Thomas Police Officer suffered minor injuries on Thursday August 15, 2013 while making an arrest around 6:45pm on Hinks St. in the City of St. Thomas.

At 6:30pm Officers were called to the area regarding a male with his underwear around his ankles doing push ups in the middle of the Street. During the arrest the Officer was punched in the face. The male was charged with assaulting a Police Officer and possession of marijuana. He remains at Elgin General Hospital with unrelated medical issues.

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  1. Does anyone proofread these articles? Incomplete sentences, spelling errors and poor grammar abound! LOL

  2. It’s taken straight from the St. Thomas Police website without editing……. but I get your point. I’ll get out the dictionary now!