Five charged in drug investigation

After a lengthy investigation by the St. Thomas Drug Enforcement Unit, five St. Thomas residents were charged with drug related offences after a search warrant was conducted on a South side residence. A 51 year old female is charged with trafficking a controlled substance and her 17 year old son is charged with possession of a controlled substance, trafficking a controlled substance x 2 and breach of probation x 2. A 45 year old male and his 18 year old son are both charged with possession of a controlled substance, and a 40 year old male was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Graffiti in January

In the first few weeks of January there have been a few incidents involving graffiti throughout the city. Police are asking residents to report anyone seen doing graffiti. Graffiti vandalism not only devalues property, it also gives the impression that no one cares about the neighbourhood, which, in turn, creates an open invitation for littering, loitering and further vandalism. The following are photographs of the recent incidents. Anyone with information on these photographs are encouraged to contact St. Thomas Police or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477

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  1. I would like to say that the city of St. Thomas is horrible, the people here are rude, ignorant, they are bullies, miserable and very unfriendly. I find the people here to be mean horrible human beings. You can not make a friend here let alone fit in any where. every one is the same and everyone thinks they are so rough and tough, believing that it is fine to just push people around to their liking.

    You smile at someoneand they give you a dirty look like they want to kill you or as if you had done them wrong and if they see you again they make your life absolute hell.

    Or you walk into a coffee shop to which you’ve never been in before and they tell you that you can’t be there let alone, you have never been there before and they just kick you out for no reason at all.

    sure there might be a handful of good people around here but I have not found one and deeplyregret moving here because I heard it was a wonderful place to live. I beg to differ it is not

    There isn’t to many times i use the word ” hate” as it is a strong word, but I absolutely hate this town and the people in it.

  2. Hi Joan,

    I am very sorry to hear that you are very unhappy in St. Thomas. As I do not know your circumstances I cannot try to explain or make suggestions, or find out why this may be happening to you. I choose to move to St. Thomas about 14 years ago and have had nothing but a wonderful experience here. I have found it incredibly easy to speak to people and actually prefer it here to the large city I was born and bred in. It almost sounds as if you are describing a different city compared to my experiences here.


  3. You are not talking about St. Thomas on the Virgin Islands are you?

  4. Gary Thomas Shepherd

    I also am sorry to hear of Joan’s experiences. I moved here 5 years ago and have, overall, found it much friendlier than most other cities. Is St Thomas as friendly and courteous as when I first moved here? No, it is not. But I still find it a wonderful place to live and raise my daughter. Which coffee shop do you get treated so abysmally in? Perhaps pointing it out here will make people notice how some are treated in this place and speak up if / when they see it happen.