If a School Bus has it’s stop sign out, what should you do?

On February 25, 2016 a 53 year-old female from Talbotville found out what happens if you don’t. She was issued a ticket for “Failing to stop for a School Bus – Overtaking” which comes with a hefty $490.00 fine and 6 points. The school bus driver was travelling in the curb lane of a multilane highway. He activated his lights and stop sign to let a student off when the female driver travelling in the same direction continued to drive right past in the middle lane.

It is a serious offence to neglect the safety features of a school bus that are created to protect innocent children on their way to and from school. Please stop! Below is an image explaining when and where to stop.


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  1. Connie Larson

    Really?!?! How long have school busses been taking kids too and from school? And being 53 years old you should know better, this is a case that the person should have their license revised back to the second stage of the 3 stages of getting their license and made to go back to drivers education class and it be mandatory to do so before they can go for a driving test to get their full license back!!!