Impaired Driver

On September 05 2015 at approximately 5:30 pm, the St. Thomas Police arrested a 50 year old St. Thomas man for driving with more than 80mgs of alcohol in his blood, after receiving information that he had just left a south side tavern, driving in an erratic manner. The vehicle was observed by a police officer a few blocks away and the vehicle was stopped. The male provided a sample of his breath into a roadside screening device and failed. He was subsequently arrested and transported to the police station where he provided two breath samples into an intoxilyzer that were found to contain three times the legal limit of alcohol. The man was later released from custody with a future court date.

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  1. Tony Bendel

    Another LOOSER off the streets. Great job City Police!

  2. Michaela Sandering

    3X over the limit — holy crap!

  3. Valerie Cooper

    Why is his name not released? You named young adults, a middle aged woman, but seems you don’t release the names of many men that are old enough to know better! How do you choose whose name to release? Just curious, I think if you are able to prove with a breathalyzer that they are drunk then all their names should be released. Society needs to take a stand on drunk drivers to protect the innocent families that end up losing family members because of drunks that make bad decisions. If you can afford to drink at a bar, you can afford a cab!

  4. George Smeltzer

    Could Be A Be A One Time Incident Or Maybe He Has An Alcohol Problem. Congrats To The St Thomas Police Dept.

  5. George Smeltzer

    UNFORTUNATLYThere Is Juvenile Protection Act To Protection Act Valarie