Intoxicated and Theft

Just before midnight on March 1, 2013 a 41 year old male was arrested for being intoxicated in the area of 275 Talbot Street. Later in the morning while held in police cells he was identified as being wanted for a theft of laundry from a Laundromat on January 14th. He was arrested for the theft and released on conditions. This also identified a female that was wanted for the same theft and subsequently a 53 year old female was arrested. She was later released on conditions as well.

Impaired Driver

On March 2nd at approximately 2:42am St Thomas Police responded to a vehicle stuck in a snow bank near Wellington Street and First Avenue. The 30 year old driver was subsequently arrested for impaired driving and brought to the station for tests. The results of the test were .200 and .200 which is two and a half times the legal limit. The driver was released several hours later with a court date later this month.

Breach of Undertaking

On March 2nd at approximately 12:30am St Thomas Police were doing a bar walkthrough at a Talbot Street bar. A 40 year old male who had been drinking was found inside and on a condition not to consume alcohol. He was arrested for Breach of Undertaking and Breach of Probation and was remanded into custody.

Warrants and Breach of Recognizance

On March 3rd at approximately 2:27 am a 22 year old male was located intoxicated on Churchill Crescent. He was found to have outstanding warrants and since he was intoxicated was also breaching an order that he not drink alcohol. He was subsequently arrested for the warrants , breach of recognizance and breach of probation. He was remanded into custody.

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