Kijiji scam strikes again

A 44-year old female is out close to $4000.00 after cashing a fraudulent cheque. The female had posted an add on the buy and sell site Kijiji to clean houses. She received an E-Mail from a woman who indicated that she was in the process of moving from France to St. Thomas and sent a cheque for almost $4000.00. The instructions were to subtract her cleaning fees and product fees and send the remainder to the so called moving company.

So the victim did just that. She deposited the cheque and then made three separate E-Transfers to the “movers”, and it was all good until… The victim received the fraudulent cheque back and her account was frozen. The victim is now out all the money she sent to the scam artists and will not be covered by her financial institution for her loss.

Everyone please remember that when dealing with sites such as Kijiji, try to stick with local sales and cash. If you receive a large cheque before you have completed a deal and they are asking for a portion of it to be returned or sent elsewhere, it’s usually a scam. Don’t loose your savings to these types of criminals.

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  1. Jim Easton

    good and hope they put her away for a long long time, my ad is on kijiji, i trust kijiji, i get alot of business on the site, but for a few months now my ad is in the service category and im seeing alot of maid business just POP UP OUT OF NOW WHERE, ive been on kijiji for 10 yrs, since the first day, when you see something wrong, REPORT IT KIJIJI DOES HAVE A BUTTON TO REPORT, USE IT AND KEEP KIJIJI SAFE FOR EVERYONE

  2. Heather Anger

    The cleaning lady is the person who got scammed. She is out the $4000.

  3. Jim Easton

    I MEAN COME ON, she that STUPID, everyone has got one of those, and police warned people and she still fell for it, well serves her right to be stupid, ive gotten a few of those, how i handled it, easy, which i know she sure as hell didnt do, i called the police, you know st thomas police dept, no she thought hey 4,000, and got greedy, the police even told me i could cash both cheques one at 3,500 the other 45,000, and they told me they would be knocking at my door within a month,iff its to good to be true, they DONT BE STUPID ya moron. i hope you lost money,people are so so dam stupid, she got GREEDY

  4. Doug Westlake

    If your that big of a moron you deserve to lose your money to a fraudster!

  5. Tina Graham Hyatt

    Really? ???!!!!
    Does it sound to good to be true….? Then it prob is!