Male arrested after late night disturbance

On Sunday November 25, 2012 a 41year old St. Thomas man was arrested and charged after a late night disturbance downtown. The incident took place at a local pub shortly after 1:00am. A 40 year old St. Thomas woman was taken to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital with minor injuries, treated and released. The male and female are not known to one another. The male was charged with assault, breach of probation and causing a disturbance. He was held pending a future court date.

Damage to Arthur Voaden High School

St. Thomas Police are investigating damage to the front window of A.V.S.S.. It appears unknown person(s) shot at the window with either a pellet or BB gun. Anyone with information regarding this incident are being asked to contact St. Thomas Police at 519-631-1330 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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  1. These “Pubs” seem to contribute to alot of delinquency in this town, alot of assaults as well. Coincidentaly this has always been alot of bars in St Thomas, always. Dont give them the satifaction of calling them pubs, they are Bars.. and we need a few less.

  2. Guy, there are pubs and bars in every town and they provide us with entertainment as well as contribute charity drives and other important things in the community. Perhaps you should place the blame where it rightfully belongs which is on the person whom committed a crime. There are many domestic assaults, do we need less couples? There are quite a few accidents on our roads, should we aim for less drivers? The type of people who cause fights at bars don’t need a bar to cause trouble, they would cause a disturbance anyhow. 99% of people go to the local pub and have a few drinks, do some dancing and have a good time. Blaming the local pubs or bars for that 1% who chooses to assault somebody else is ridiculous.