Male caught stealing meat

A 27 year old St. Thomas man was arrested and charged on the 26th of February after St. Thomas Police responded to a theft call at a local department store. The male was located in the store parking lot with $200 worth of meat. He was charged with possession of stolen property, transported to the St. Thomas Police Station where he was held pending a bail hearing.

Parking Issues

St. Thomas Police would like to advise of the following parking concerns that they will be focusing on for the next while. There is concern for the area of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the continuous issue with traffic congestion on Churchill Crescent caused by vehicles parking in the no parking zones making it hard for traffic to travel freely in both directions. The other area is concerning Locke’s Public School and vehicles parking in the bus loading area. St. Thomas Police are asking anyone dropping off or picking up their child to/from school to be cognizant of the no parking signs, they are there for a reason. Failure to do so will result in a fine



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  1. I wouldnt be upset if this guy was doing this to feed his family, you know a quick meal in hurting times to keep the kids from starving… But by the sounds of it he was doing a little more than that. Most likely one of these people that lift a whack of meat to sell off, cost of food has become so high that people figure they can sell it like drugs!