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Published On: Sun, Jun 9th, 2013

Mischief to Vehicle

On Sunday June 9, 2013 Police were dispatched to the area of Fairview Ave and Forest Ave at around 1:10 AM, with regards to a report of Mischief. The victim who was driving a vehicle was confronted by an intoxicated male who had jumped out in front of the vehicle. The male first tried to get into the passenger side of the car before coming around to the front of the vehicle where he punched the windshield causing it to break. A St. Thomas man was arrested at the scene and charge with mischief.

Bail Violations

On Sunday June 9, 2013 in the early morning hours, Police made arrests for bail violations in two separate incidents. The two males both residents of St. Thomas were found to be in violation of alcohol conditions that were part of their release orders. The males were held in custody pending a court appearance.

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- Nathan is originally from Cardiff, Wales, and was imported to Canada as a internet mail order groom in 1998 and has managed to avoid deportation ever since. Even though sometimes mis-interpreted, possibly to retaining a Welsh accent, he continues to try his best to make a difference to the community he has grown to love.