More Scams

Earlier in the year the St. Thomas Police received a call to check on the well being of one of our community members.

The complainant in Ottawa had received a phone call from his mother here in St. Thomas indicating that she needed $1000.00 transferred to her account immediately because she found a ring that she wanted to buy. This was out of the ordinary behaviour for her so he contacted the police for assistance.

Police spoke with the potential victim and discovered that she did not really wish to purchase a ring but in fact had been contacted by a scam artist that was impersonating Immigration Canada. This person had convinced the victim that her immigration papers were not up to date and she needed to send $4500.00 immediately or the RCMP would come arrest her and deport her.

Fortunately this scam was caught in time before the victim sent the money. We are asking everyone with elderly family members to discuss the potential scams that they may encounter. (For a complete list visit ) Provide them with confidence and knowledge to help them identify a scam and ask them to call someone if they have any questions. Help them protect their hard earned money and keep it where it belongs, with them!

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