Motor Vehicle Collision

Two vehicles collided yesterday at the intersection of Talbot Street and First Avenue around the dinner hour. The accused was stopped behind a vehicle for a red light in the first lane beside the turning lane. When the advance green started and the turning lane proceeded to move so did the accused bumping into the vehicle in front of him. The Police were called to the scene.

Through investigation it was determined that the 31-year old male from St. Thomas was currently a suspended driver and also had grounds for his arrest from London Police Service for theft under $5000.00. The male was arrested at the scene and transported to London Police. He faces charges of driving while suspended and start from stopped position-not in safety.

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One comment

  1. Valerie Cooper

    What’s with all the suspended drivers still driving? I think if they get caught driving under suspension they should automatically get jail time for being a risk to society and having no respect for justice! They lost their licence for a reason….