Multiple Domestic Assaults

A 29 year old St. Thomas female was arrested yesterday morning after assaulting her 31 year old male partner after returning home from a local pub. Both had been consuming alcohol. She was held for a court appearance.

Domestic Assault

A 48 year old St. Thomas male was arrested and charged with mischief and uttering a death threat following an altercation with his wife (45). The altercation took place around dinner time on March 17, 2013. The male was arrested at 12:14am on March 18, 2013 while attempting to flee the residence. He was held for court.

Domestic Assault

A 47 year old St. Thomas man was arrested and charged with assault after an early morning altercation with his wife (41). The call came in around 1:30am on March 18, 2013. There were no injuries and the accused was held for court. Alcohol was involved in this incident.

Disturbance leads to multiple arrests

In the early morning hours on March 17, 2013, police responded to a disturbance in the area of Edward St and Alma St in St. Thomas. There they found a 21 year old male bleeding profusely from his head. As a result of the investigation, one 18 year old and two 19 year old St. Thomas men were arrested and charged. A total of 6 charges were laid including; assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and breach of probation. All three accused were held for court. The victim attended EGH for his injuries. He received 13 staples in his head and was released.


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  1. There are two big kids playing ball in the streets on the corner of Lawrence Ave and Raven right now at 6:20 pm Sunday April 4th they are obstructing traffic and soon one of their balls is going to hit a child in the area. Right now they are also video taping the houses in the area.