Operating with no licence plates, insecure load

Multiple charges laid after a loaded tow truck was spotted driving with no licence plates. Shortly before 11:00am on February 21, 2017, Officers spotted the truck leaving a local plaza heading East down Talbot Street. During the traffic stop it became obvious that the vehicle that it was hauling was insecure. The driver was also unable to provide inspection documents.

As a result of the traffic stop the Registered owner of the truck was charged with; Failing to supply driver with daily inspection schedule, permit operation with load not secure, defective braking system, and overweight vehicle. The driver was charged with: Failing to display two plates, insecure load, and fail to surrender inspection report.

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  1. Jason Mclellan

    Robbob Bobrob Charchar Ashford Baker

  2. Jason Mclellan

    Kens auto. I think it was him

  3. Joey Anstey

    Insecure load? I think you mean unsecured.