Operation Heat


As part of our road safety objectives to effectively and efficiently respond to the unique requirements of our community, we are introducing a traffic safety initiative that coincides with our most recent #3 ranking as the safest City in Canada to drive in. Our recent community survey overwhelmingly identified distracted driving as the top traffic-related issue in our city. To help keep our roads safe, the St. Thomas Police Service are looking to reward safe drivers and responsible community members that pull off the road to send that much needed text or make that important phone call.

Starting Monday December 7, 2015, officers will be handing out “Operation Heat” coupons for drivers they see pulled over using their cell phone. Once again Mac’s, through their partnership with Crime Stoppers, has committed to rewarding positive behaviour and making our communities a safer place to live.

Using your cell phone while driving not only costs you $490.00, it can be fatal. No phone call or text is that important.

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