Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle

At approximately 3:50 PM on June 1, 2016, police were called to the intersection of Princess Street and Talbot Street for a motor vehicle collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian. A 26 year old male pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle and required medical attention. Investigation of the incident revealed that the pedestrian was riding his skateboard east bound on Talbot Street on the north sidewalk and had failed to stop for the red light at Princess Street. The male drove out on to Princess Street where he was struck by a vehicle travelling southbound through the intersection on a green light.

The male was charged by police under the City of St. Thomas by-law 45-89 section 15 (a) which states:

15. No person shall: (a)engage in any game or sports activity upon a roadway or sidewalk, and no person upon roller skates, in-line skates or sleigh, toboggan, express wagon or riding in by means of any coaster, skateboard, toy vehicle or similar device shall go upon any roadway or sidewalk without due care and attention, and without reasonable consideration for others using the highway or sidewalk.

The set fine for disobeying the above by-law is $55. The pedestrian could have also been charged under section 144 (25) of the Highway Traffic Act for disobeying the red light.

St. Thomas Police would like to remind those who use the sidewalks that they are for walking pedestrians only. Bicycles and skateboards and other wheeled modes of transportation are prohibited (except for those that meet provisions in by-law). The second lesson from this incident is that stopping at red traffic signals is mandatory, and failing to do so can have serious consequences. Fortunately in this incident, the male pedestrian was not seriously injured but was taken to hospital, examined and released.

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