Pokémon DON’T Go

Pokémon fever has hit St. Thomas in a big way. The popular game is a free download to player’s phone and uses GPS to track movement. As users walk around, various Pokémon appear on the phone’s screen, players then battle to catch them. The game also includes Poké Stops where players can refill on Poké Balls for battle with the Pokémon they are trying to capture. This “augmented reality” style of play has lead to gamers wandering around the city at all hours.

Don’t Play and Drive. This is obvious for drivers as playing while driving would violate at least three different Highway Traffic Act laws. But what if the passenger has the phone? Don’t do it. The frenzy created while playing the game increases drivers tendency to be aggressive and careless while behind the wheel. Pokémon Go should not be played when you are doing anything that requires your full attention such as biking, skateboarding or roller blading.

Don’t Trespass. Is that Pokémon hiding in someone’s backyard? STOP! You do not have the right to enter anyone else’s property. You’ll have to catch it next time when it appears somewhere else.

For those of you with Poké Fever, please look up from your screen often. Watch for traffic. Wear reflective gear when playing in the evening hours. Stay aware of your surroundings, play with a friend and don’t enter remote areas.

Stay Safe and Have Fun.

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  1. How long did it take to come up with that reply ?

  2. What’s stupid is the fact that people aren’t smart enough to not play on their phones & drive and the fact that they’re risking their lives + the lives of other drivers when doing so .