Police Assaulted while making arrest

In the early hours of December 20, 2012 a 31 year old St. Thomas male assaulted his common law, a 38 year old female while he was intoxicated. Police responded and the male assaulted the arresting officers. The male was charged with assault, assault Police and resisting arrest. He was held for a morning court appearance.

6 people charged in Drug Bust

On the 19th of December 2012, St. Thomas Police arrested 5 men and 1 woman for various drug possession and trafficking charges. The arrests were as a result of a 2 month investigation into trafficking in cocaine.
The investigation commenced when St. Thomas police received information about individuals frequenting City bars and were dealing in drugs and committing assaults on patrons. Many of the assaults and drug trafficking went unreported to police.

As a result of the investigation, search warrants were conducted at a Holland Ave apartment as well as a home on Forest Ave. During the course of the investigation Cocaine with a street value of approximately $8,000 was seized.
The following persons have been charged and will appear in St. Thomas Court on the 20th of December.

1.27 year old Brandon WALLER of St Thomas– trafficking in cocaine, Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine Possession of Proceeds of Crime

2.27 year old Devon VANDENDRIESSCHE of St. Thomas – trafficking in Cocaine and Breach of Probation

3.28 year old Cliff LEWIS of Guelph – Trafficking in cocaine, Breach of Probation

4.28 year old Ryan BEGG of St. Thomas – Possession for the purpose of trafficking in cocaine, Possession of marihuana, breach of probation

5.24 year old Samantha COWAN of St. Thomas – Possession for the purpose of trafficking in cocaine, possession of marihuana

6.42 year old Robert WALTERS of St. Thomas – Conspiracy to commit traffic cocaine.

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  1. Thank you STPD for getting this crap off the streets, too many young kids get f’d over on this shit.. and the dealers dont care, as long as they make a buck. There is alot more out there.. get that cocaine out of our town.. times are a changing, This insolence will no longer be tolerated, hell bring back the stockades and put em right downtown so everyone can see these idiots!

  2. I understand your frustration with the severity and abundance of drugs on the streets. But I take offense to the generalized assumptions that u are so quick to vocalize in such a public forum. I too will be happy if our streets become free of the drugs but your ignorance about these people charged and their crimes is outstanding. To stereotype and name call is unnecessary and very disrespectful to friends and family. By all means voice your frustrations and opinions. Free speech is a wonderful thing. But don’t insult people you know nothing about or their situations please.

  3. Disrespectful to their families?
    Don’t you think their ACTIONS are disrespectful to their families?

    Give your head a shake-
    these peoples are bums.. and if their parents arn’t embarrassed- they should be.
    Deal with it.

  4. No offence Nicole, but it seems as though YOU are the one that is ignorant about these people and their crimes. I for one know first hand what these fellows and their friends have been doing in our city for the past little while, and it is completely sickening. I am embarrassed to know that people like this live in our home town. They are thugs. For months they have gone around with their little “hood boyz” group assaulting people and causing problems at every bar in St.Thomas. The drugs are one thing, the disgusting behaviour and lack of respect for other human beings is the bigger problem here. All of these boys deserve the sentences they are about to serve, and I’m sure every single patron in St Thomas would agree. These pests are well known and hated by many, and I have to say that I am completely ECSTATIC that there is justice being served. They are hood rats and they are NOT the type of people we need in our town.

  5. I do not argue that the assaults were necessary. I think that the fighting was ridiculous and a menace. The drugs are dangerous. I am not arguing any of those facts. What I am saying is that people may not know the whole story and to lump all these people together due to association is unfair. That’s my point. Don’t generalize a group of people without knowing specifics.

  6. Nicole- It appears that Lindsay DOES know the spesfics… St.Thomas is a small town- You can’t walk around pretending you are the ONLY person who knows these hood rats.

    And thank GOD “people may not know the whole story” the story I know about these boys is FAR worse then the PG13 version displayed here..

    If you know then so well- maybe you should ask their parents the full / pending charges!!
    Don’t walk around thinking they didn’t have a way to protect their investment!

    It seems like you are friends of theirs- which is good- means you have probably never been in the hospital in intencive care because of the scum of St.Thomas- which is probably why you view them in such presteige.

    Police don’t start/continue MONTHS of investigation over nothing.
    There have been NUMEROUS problems with this GANG and its about time these people found out what its like to be on the recieving end of that torment in jail!