Police Report 29th August

Male arrested on Warrant

On August 29, 2015 at approximately 4:00 am St. Thomas Police arrested a 33 year old male from a north side residence on an outstanding warrant to arrest from another jurisdiction. The male was arrested at his mother’s residence. Shortly after the arrest of the suspect , the suspect’s mother punched another male resident. The male victim was not injured. The female accused was transported to the police station and later released from custody with a future court date, while the son was picked up by the out of town Police Service.

Fail to Comply

On August 28, 2015, the St. Thomas Police arrested a 16 year old youth for fail to comply with conditions of an undertaking, after a family dispute. The police were called to the youth’s residence by his mother when she reported that she drank from a drinking glass that her son had urinated into. The male admitted that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening, which was a violation of his judicial release order. Further investigation revealed the youth also stole a quantity of cash from his mother. The youth now faces charges of mischief, fail to comply and theft. He was later released by the courts to another caregiver.

Domestic Assault

On August 15, 2015 at approximately 6:00 pm St. Thomas Police arrested a 34 year old male for domestic assault. The police were called to the couple’s residence after the male punched the female in the face during an argument. The male was subsequently arrested for domestic assault and transported to the police station where he was later released from custody with a future court date.

Theft from vehicle

On August 28th, 2015 police responded to a south side residence regarding a theft from a vehicle. The theft took place sometime between August 22nd and August 28th and included the vehicle documentation. Police are reminding people to ensure that their vehicles are locked while unattended.

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