Rental Scam

On September 7th 2015 St. Thomas Police received a call from a St. Thomas woman that had been a victim of a scam on Kijiji.

The female placed an ad on the well known web site looking for a 3 bedroom apartment. On the same day she received a reply from an unknown person indicating they were from Ohio and they had a place for rent here in St. Thomas. They advised they would require a full payment through Western Union and the keys for the residence would be sent by mail. Photos and the address of the home were sent. However, when the victim attended the residence and looked in the windows, it was not the same house, and it was actually for sale.

The victim is now out over $1000.00 and still has no place to move to.

Anyone placing or answering an ad on the internet should take extra precautions before the exchange of money takes place. Do some research and try to do business in person rather than over the web.

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  1. Kristina Nethercott

    well seriously…….that’s just a ridiculous one to fall for…….come on people.

  2. Doug Westlake

    If your that stuipd you deserve to lose your money!