Road Rage turns Physical

On Friday September 9th, 2016 shortly before 10pm, a vehicle was followed by another into a parking lot in the East end of the City. The following driver approached yelling at the other driver, indicating they had been cut off. The lead driver attempted to walk away from the situation, when they were punched in the face by the other irate driver, and then fled in their vehicle. The victim noted the licence plate and contacted police. A short time later, police located the driver sitting in the vehicle at their residence. The officer spoke with the driver and noted an odor of alcohol on their breathe. The driver attempted to leave and was ultimately arrested for Assault and Impaired Driving. At that time, the driver assaulted an officer and resisted arrest.

A breath test was conducted and the driver’s readings were found to be more than double the legal limit.

Subsequently, the driver was charged with Assault, Assault Peace Officer, Resist Arrest, Impaired Operation and Driving with more than 80 mgs. They were released with a future court date.

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One comment

  1. Carol Bruce Hare

    This female is very lucky that the guy she followed and punched in the face was a gentleman.