Search Warrant revealed drug manufacturing operation

The St. Thomas Police Service Drug Enforcement Unit was busy dismantling a well-organized illicit drug operation in the City on Monday afternoon.

Two St Thomas residents, Keven Hamm (27 yrs old) and Richard Thomas (26 yrs old) are facing numerous charges ranging from Possession of Controlled Substances for the Purpose of Trafficking, Production of Controlled Substances, and Possession of Proceeds of Crime. Both were held for a court appearance on Tuesday morning.

The STPS DEU executed a search warrant at a residence in the core Monday afternoon which confirmed their belief of an illegal drug manufacturing operation. Police located a setup of ovens, presses and packaging tools used to manufacture and distribute products through illicit drug trade channels. Shatter was being used to create edible by-products which were professionally packaged and then distributed out. Shatter is a highly potent marijuana derivative that can be very dangerous. Its glass-like appearance is thin and looks like toffee. The production of shatter is very dangerous due to the potential for an explosion using the volatile solvent butane to extract the THC from the marijuana plant. In addition to the large quantities of shatter seized, Police hauled out large quantities of marijuana, psilocybin (mushrooms), and the pre-packaged edible by-products that were made. A large sum of Canadian currency was also seized. The total seizure of illicit drugs is estimated at over $85,000.


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