St. Thomas Police – Media Release for May 25, 2012

St Thomas Police are releasing statistics on the number of Highway Traffic Act, Criminal Code, City By-Law charges laid by officers during Canada Road Safety Week, Monday May 14th to Monday May 21st 2012. A total of 94 charges were processed.
Charges included:
Cell phone offences: 15
Sidewalk by-law: 5 (bikes, skateboards)
Speeding: 34
Stop Signs: 5
Seatbelt charges: 2
E-Bike Helmets: 2
Roadsides: 3
Impaired/Over 80: 2
A number of additional Platoon / officer initiatives were conducted throughout Road Safety Week resulting in various other charges addressing permits, DL’s, Insurance Cards and equipment related offences. Police also issued warnings and issued tickets for two creative charges: St. Thomas By-law 45 (89)(15a) “Use Toy Car upon Sidewalk without due Care and Attention” and HTA 75(3) “Excessive Fumes.”
St Thomas Police thank you for your efforts in supporting Canada Road Safety Week!

Shoplifter apprehended

On Thursday May 24, 2012 a 32 year old female was apprehended by store employees for shoplifting at a Talbot Street retail store. The accused was held overnight at police headquarters pending a Friday May 25, 2012 court appearance.

Male charged with multiple offences

Shortly after 8:00PM Thursday May 24, 2012 an adult female attended police headquarters advising she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. Investigation of the incident resulted in police arresting and charging a 25 year old male with assault, assault with a weapon uttering threats to cause bodily harm, and forcible confinement. Additional assault charges were processed against the accused regarding historic incidents.

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  1. How about setting up a speed trap on Airey Ave? Keep the irratic speeders off our street before a child is killed? Perhaps it will take a person to die before something is done much like the new light infront of the hospital last year.

  2. It would be helpful to know how this compares to prior years and how it compares to comparably sized communities.