Stolen Kubota

St. Thomas Police are investigating a $100,00.00 theft involving a Kubota skid steer SVL90 with a snow plow attached. Sometime between the noon hour on February 14, 2017 and 5:00am February 15, 2017, unknown persons removed the Kubota from the Elgin General Hospital grounds. We are asking anyone that may have seen this Skid Steer being operated between these times to please call us. Crime Stoppers is also a great way to report a crime and remain anonymous.

Below are images of similar equipment

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  1. Demra Cash

    No cameras?
    Obviously hospital security does not do good enough patrols.

  2. Shawn M Caughell

    Sure it’s not out for maintenance..??

  3. Mike Moodie

    Doubt it, it’s brand new

  4. Mike Moodie

    There are camera’s….kinda curious about that myself

  5. Shawn M Caughell

    Mike Moodie you’re still alive..??

  6. Reg Scully

    Could it be an ‘inside job’?

  7. Mike Moodie

    Shawn M Caughell Yup and kickin..

  8. Mike Moodie

    havin a hard time remembering you….zeimers

  9. Al Grech

    Some bone head actually saw it driving by his house and didn’t think it was odd at 8:30 pm…brilliant.

  10. Shawn M Caughell

    Mike Moodie parkside.. hung with Paul hurbut, Randy Crocker, Donny, Mike (guy who broke his neck body surfing) Joe Colayo,
    Worked at GM

  11. Dan Leddy

    I saw it. Right by my house. Didn’t think it was odd at all. Good to see you’re still trolling Al

  12. Jon Gunning

    He took off without paying the $5 parking fee.

  13. Dan Vernackt

    A number of landscapers here in town have them and drive them all over….