Suspended driver caught again

Yesterday, a 48 year-old man from West Lorne was caught driving when he shouldn’t have been.

On Tuesday December 1, 2015, Offices observed a vehicle travelling on Gladstone Ave near the new Court House at approximately 10:25am. A query of the vehicle showed that the owner was a suspended driver.

A traffic stop was conducted and confirmed that the driver was the owner. The driver was currently on two different suspensions from 2014, one being a Canada wide suspension for a Criminal Code offence. The driver was placed under arrest and searched. He was found to have in his possession unmarked cigarettes as well, which is an offence under the Tobacco Tax Act.

The driver was released from the scene with a future court date and faces charges of; driving while disqualified and possession of unmarked cigarettes. His vehicle was impounded for a mandatory 45 days.

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