Theft of City Cab

On Sunday March 23, 2014 at around 2:27am St. Thomas Police responded to a report of a stolen city cab in a north end neighbourhood. Police attended the area and learned that the cab had picked up a fare outside a downtown bar. The male and female passengers indicated to the cab where they were going and advised they would be paying by way of debit. When the cab arrived at the destination, the couple got out of the cab and began to walk away making no attempt to pay. The cab driver got out of the vehicle trying to get payment for his services and as he approached the couple they began to run. The cab driver initially attempted to follow the female until he realized the male had circled back and was now getting into the driver’s seat of the cab which had been left unlocked and running. The male drove off in the cab and Police were notified of the incident. Police searched the area and located the abandoned cab a short distance away. The search also resulted in Police locating and arresting the female suspect who had fled on foot. The female provided information which enabled Police to identify the male suspect who was later located and arrested at his residence. As a result of this incident a 24 year old female is charged with Transportation Fraud and Public Intoxication, while her 24 year old boyfriend is charged with Transportation Fraud and Motor Vehicle Theft. The cab was recovered without any damage and the two accused were later released from custody with a future court date.

Failing to Comply with Recognizance

On Saturday March 22, 2014 at around 10:40am Police received information about a 20 year old St. Thomas man who was currently breaching conditions of his release order. The male was suppose to remain in his residence 24 hours a day unless with his surety or for court purposes. The surety reported that on this date the male left the residence without permission and was breaching his conditions. Police later arrested the male for Failing to Comply with his Recognizance when he returned home to the residence shortly before noon. The male was held in custody for a court appearance.

On Saturday March 22, 2014 in the afternoon hours Police attended a home located in the core area to perform a well being check on the resident. When Police arrived it was determined that the resident was fine. However Police were invited in to deal with an unwanted guest who was passed out at the kitchen table. Police identified the 50 year old male and a query of the male revealed that he was currently on release conditions not to purchase or consume alcohol unless he was in his own residence with the supervision of his surety. As a result the male was arrested and charged with Failing to Comply with his Recognizance and was held in custody for a court appearance.

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