Two Break & Enters reported yesterday

St. Thomas Police responded to reports of two break and enters that occurred during the night of September 21st into the 22nd. One of them was at a church on the South side of town where a lock was cut on a shed and a gas powered hedge trimmer and some limb cutters were stolen. The other was at a residence on the North side of town where another shed was broken into and an air compressor complete with nail gun and accessories where taken along with a circular saw.

Usually in instances like these the items will be sold for cash either in person or on internet sites like Kijiji, or posted on Swap/Buy&Sell Facebook groups. We would like to see everyone start recording serial numbers of there possessions in case this situation happens to you. This allows us to easily identify property and arrest those in possession of it illegally. If there are no serial numbers or you cannot find one try to engrave or mark your property as your own. You can use phone numbers, names, symbols or even a licence plate number to identify your property.

We have Operation Serial cards available at the Police Station that will fit right in your wallet to record such information. Its original design was for bikes but it can be used for almost anything.


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