Vandalism at local schools

Last weekend (Jan 8-10) three elementary schools were spray painted. Photos of the graffiti were sent out to the public through our Social Media outlets, Facebook and Twitter.

As a result of our investigation two youths have been identified and are being dealt with through Extrajudicial Measures. This means they have acknowledged their involvement in the incident and gives them an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions without receiving a criminal record. Should they fail to complete or comply with the programs the Salvation Army has assigned to them, criminal charges will be laid.

We’re heading into our third year of our Social Media endeavour and it has proven to be a valuable resource for us. It has allowed us to engage so many more community members than ever before. We want to thank those followers who re-tweet and/or share our posts such as the recent graffiti one. It has lead to a timely end of what could have been a lengthy investigation.

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