Was your car locked last night?

On December 8, 2015, Police were called to the area of Flora Street and Barwick street shortly before 8:00pm, after witnesses called in to report a male in the area that looked like he was going through cars.

Police located a male matching the description given by witnesses a short distance away. Police questioned the male who appeared to be intoxicated by consuming alcohol. Through investigation it was determined that the male was currently on a probation order not to consume alcohol. He was placed under arrest and searched. Officers located a cell phone in his pocket that they believed was stolen from a nearby vehicle. Officers were able to find the rightful owner of the phone on Hughes Street.

As a result the 30 year-old male from St. Thomas faces charges of breach of probation X2, possession of stolen property and being intoxicated in a public place. He was held pending a bail hearing.

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