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On September 16, 2014, a 14 year male student from a local High School took matters into his own hands defending a classmate. An incident took place earlier in the day between two females with the potential for a physical altercation later in the day.

The male attended the residence of one of the females to confront her. The altercation became heated and other members of the female’s family tried to intervene. At this point the young male pulled two knives from his pocket and began waving them around. No one received any injuries during this incident. As a result the young male has been charged with one count of Weapons Dangerous and Assault with a Weapon X2. He was held pending a bail hearing.

The St. Thomas Police Service wants to remind students to report any incident involving physical or non physical violence to the on duty supervisor. If it is warranted they will contact the Police Service. Please do not take matters into your own hands.

Distracted Driving

Our two week “Operation Student Safety” campaign has now ended, but that doesn’t mean the concern for the safety of our children and our community has ended. Distracted driving has been identified as a one of the leading causes of deaths on our roadways. To help reduce vehicle vs. vehicle collisions, and vehicle vs. pedestrian collisions, the St. Thomas Police Service will be focusing all year to reduce the amount of distracted drivers out there through enforcement and education.

As a reminder to those who chose to use their hand held devices while driving, the fine is $280.00. This time it may only be a ticket, but, the next time it could be a life.
Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and stay safe.

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