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Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2013

Weekend Vandalism

Over the past couple of weekends there has been some vandalism done to newly constructed homes. Unknown persons caused minor damage, spray painted inside and out and even defecated inside the homes under construction in both the North and South end of town. We would like to encourage the residents in the area of the newer subdivisions to contact the St. Thomas Police if they notice any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood. We are still investigating these incidents. Anyone with information regarding the mischiefs are asked to contact St. Thomas Police or Crime Stoppers.

 Kijiji Scam – Sellers beware


When posting items on Kijiji, mostly pertaining to vehicles/boats/ATV’s or any other higher priced item, beware of the potential buyer, it may be a scam. I myself recently posted a vehicle on Kijiji and was a target of this particular scam. I was contacted by a text message just hours after posting it. The message indicated that this person was interested in buying my vehicle and would pay the asking price no questions asked. He claimed it was for his cousin and it was a surprise. All he needed was for me to provide him with a PayPal address and he would send the funds. PayPal would hold the money until the shipment had been received. He even indicated he was unable to see it in person and that he would have arrangements to pick it up BUT his agent would not attend without payment and to send $600.00 to Western Union in the United Kingdom ASAP to get the transaction completed.

How the scam works:

It can be broken down into the following steps:
-You give your PayPal email account
-They send you money from a fake PayPal account (looks very legitimate)
-They then contact PayPal saying they never received the product
-PayPal claws back money from your account and gives the buyer a refund
-You don’t sell your product and now you are out of pocket from your account as you never received any cash in the first place
-Buyer is nowhere to be found
The best way to avoid these types of scams is to put at the end of your ad “No PayPal payments accepted”.
PayPal or Kijiji are in no way responsible or associated to these types of scams and are safe to use. The scammers have become more elaborate in their attempts to defraud innocent people. Both Kijiji and PayPal have Email addresses to report such a fraud.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to deal in person, deal locally and deal in cash.
Cst. Jeff De Leeuw

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- Nathan is originally from Cardiff, Wales, and was imported to Canada as a internet mail order groom in 1998 and has managed to avoid deportation ever since. Even though sometimes mis-interpreted, possibly to retaining a Welsh accent, he continues to try his best to make a difference to the community he has grown to love.