Is it right to be offened about getting help?

*Note – This is not a political opinion as if the roles were reversed I am sure many would still be saying the same things.

Karen Vecchio, or perhaps better known as Karen Vecchio MP (congrats again) told PM Trudeau that she is offended that he has two taxpayer-funded nannies.

That is the story. Nothing more than that. Everyone will put their spin on it as is their way. So perhaps let’s step back a moment and look at it without the political angle.

If someone, man or woman, had a job which took them away from their family for a large portion of the time, leaving the spouse to look after three young children, would it not make sense to get help? Surely it would look worse if the person spent the time away from family flying around the world, meeting world leaders and living it up, leaving the spouse at home struggling to balance the children and life.

Take into account that a PM often has to travel with their spouse to meet various dignitaries and the like and it’s either a case of bringing the children, dragging them out of school whenever a trip arises or leaving them with relatives or hired help, such as nannies.

So the PM has nannies that help with the children. Makes sense to me.

As for paying for it, I am sure that the salaries of the nannies are a lot less than the negative political advertisements that flooded television and print media running up to the election.

Why not focus on removing this negative form of branding and use the money for better use, such as government-supported child care for lower income families?

As the seemingly never-ending election buildup continues south of the border, shouldn’t Canadian’s show that they do not need to resort to negativity in order to further their political careers. I am unsure if anyone has ever changed their vote due to a scathing political advertisement claiming something untoward about an opponent.

Justin Trudeau has been prime minister of Canada just over a month. Objecting about a child care issue is neither going to make a difference nor be remembered in a few months when something new will be the focus of political debate.

Karen Vecchio is a brand new MP and has sizeable shoes to fill to follow Joe Preston in Ottawa. Karen has also been an MP for just over a month.

It is a little early in both careers to judge so perhaps it would be better to wait awhile before passing judgement on either.

*Another note – If the roles were reversed and Karen Vecchio was Prime Minister my opinion would still be the same. This isn’t aimed at one political party or the other, simply the situation. Besides, until the Rhinoceros Party has someone elected, I don’t have a horse, or rhino, in the race.

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  1. Well said. Although I have never understood the role of the spouse of an elected politician, after all, they were not the one elected, it does seem reasonable to provide some consistency for their children. Don’t get me started on negative advertising or perpetual campaigns.