Ken Boe for Alderman Platform


If elected as Alderman, I pledge to:

  • Work strategically with the St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce and Council to attract & retain new Business, Property Investment and Industry to St. Thomas.
  • Investigate means of increasing city revenue through existing city owned holdings and business entities.
  • I will work with stakeholders to advocate for and secure infrastructure funding to improve our downtown, to develop local attractions and strategies to draw traffic to our city
  • Given that city improvements need to be sustainable, I would press council to adopt LEAN strategies and to work with ALL city operations leaders to maximize operational efficiency and realize operational savings. For example, I would be invested in finding ways to make our city owned utility St. Thomas Energy profitable.
  • I will advocate to reinvest operational savings in sustaining city improvements. To this end, I will advocate for a Five-Year city infrastructure and preventive maintenance strategy aimed at maintaining and preventing the deterioration of city owned assets and structures.
  • I have over 33 years of team development and project management experience. I would seek to use that experience to motivate and facilitate Council toward consensus on all issues,
  • I have over 33 years experience working with the public and providing clients with a customer experience that meets and/or exceeds their expectations. I am committed to infusing a customer-focused philosophy with respect to all city business.


My Mom & Dad were married in 1950 and in that year bought their first home in St. Thomas – 12 Steele Street
My Mom passed away in 2010. Dad still resides here. He turned 87 this year.
Born and raised in St. Thomas, I currently reside in the north end of the city with my wife Michelle and our two children Jack & Nicole
As a Registered Nurse (26 years) I have over 20 years of administrative, operational and budgetary experience
I have a proven track record of responsible management of public funds & several years of experience managing multi-million dollar BALANCED budgets.
I have over 20 years of proven and effective community and organizational leadership experience
I believe I am invested in this city because this is my home and I want to leave it a better place for my children and some day grandchildren.
Ken Boe

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