My government is no longer my government

DISCLAIMER :I am Canadian, My government is not representing me, My government represents corporate interests. My government is not democratic. My government is mostly appointed not elected. My government believes that citizens should pay twice as much tax as a corporation. My government believes that they have all the answers, even if they refuse to offer any evidence supporting that statement. My government believes in denial. My government was not duly elected. My government is not really my government but they like to state that they are. My government employs foreign election strategies which are illegal in Canada. My government suppresses information. My government needs to be replaced. My government needs to be investigated for corruption.

The jobs are GONE, unless you are in the “service” industry. NO more manufacturing jobs. That’s where we are NOW. As OUR dollar rises,more jobs will be lost. to the crumbling US Greenback and Mexican peso. Canada needs to rebuild it’s manufacturing sector. It won’t ever do that if we “stay the course” and continue with fossil fuel development and exploration as one of our main industries. Canada should be building solar/wind/hydro projects, not fracking for Chinese owned gas or ripping up Alberta for black sand..

The big corporations are as usual pushing the government around like the punk kid with glasses and a pencil pouch in high school. All the prices are going up anyway, when gasoline hits $4 bucks a liter and sugar hits $10 a Kg you’ll know what I am talking about. The collapse of the US dollar will drive our inflation rates through the roof.And it is coming….. just yesterday there was a huge sell-off of US long-bonds because their dollar is going down the tubes and their housing market is following closely.

There is a big Bubble now in Canada and it will pop very soon, mark my words. The corporations are the problem,Frankly: it’s time for us to give the oil tycoons the boot and give the renewable energy sector a boost.Sustainable clean energy products are the wave of the future and none of these “fat cats” want to make the change from oil to wind ,water or sun. It’s all about their profits, Not OUR RIGHTS or OUR FUTURE ,take away the source and they will just go away in search of something or someone else to exploit for a quick buck…

If Canada continues it’s current path on the corporate intervention methodology currently employed on ALL levels of government. Which is proven by the existence of groups such as the Conference Board of Canada( One of many such organizations) whom make statements and influence fiscal governance which are adopted by ALL levels of government via “in camera” committees and “private meetings”.These corporations are stuffed with corporate membership, some of these “members” are also MPs in the house of Commons which is in my opinion a direct conflict of interest. It is logical to deduce that the voice of the Canadian voter stops being heard as soon as the election is over. By the time the “voter” realizes that his/her voice is no longer being heard, it’s too late.

That corporate tax break you speak of is of NO benefit to job creation since some of these corporations pay virtually no taxes because of their foreign tax dodge schemes and offshore accounting and investment which returns a big fat ZERO to Canadian investment.

Example: Ford put $9.2 Billion into Mexico and is still closing plants in Canada after getting bailed Out. GM is closing 7 Canadian facilities and opening 2 new ones in Detroit.Also after Billions in bail out cash.

These are only incidents that scratch the surface that prove corporate control over our government.

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  1. What a whiner! Six provinces and 1 territory? Having a hard time holding a job? Educated in 2 universities. No mention of a degree. I think you are an example of the problem we have in Canada. Not enough people willing to work hard and too many dilettantes that want to complain when they don’t get life handed to them.
    Everything is the government’s and corporation’s fault? Yeah, what this country needs is more socialist B.S. It’s not your government? Good!! I wouldn’t want to live here if it was run by you and your friends!